COVID-19 changed absolutely everything.

So what have we learned?

Is waiting for the world to change getting you anywhere?

Now is the time to re-tool your organization to align with your ultimate vision and rid your future of the problems of the past.

Don't settle for a version of normal when you can craft the New Extraordinary!

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The Proprietary Spiral Pathway to Innovation and the New Extraordinary

The New Extraordinary Program

Spiral Pathway Discovery

A series of interactive, participatory, virtual sessions guided by MSN founders Ed and Dave Goodman over a thirty day period.

  • Define “What Matters Most” to your organization post COVID-19 through the development of a set of strategic, cultural and foundational pillars.
  • Consider innovation needs based on your Strategic Plan or develop a dream to achieve, a product(s) to invent or a course to correct.
  • Begin the five-step process known as Spiral Thinking, a proprietary, innovation methodology, endorsed by neuroscientists, and proven successful in multiple real-world environments.
  • Generate dozens of purpose-based ideas, strategies and solutions through the use of cognitive Dreamscaping techniques.
  • Ideate, sort and select achievable strategies and tactics based upon thoughtful, bold and positive, guided transformation.

Price: $18,000

Journey Mapping

Continue retained services for five months for advice and counsel regarding Design and Implementation, (steps three and four), of the Spiral Thinking process. A minimum of two virtual sessions per month.

Full access to MindShare Network website for all employees.

Price: $80,000

Getting Started

Connect directly with MindShare’s Founders. Learn more about the content, process, options, benefits and outcomes. Have your questions answered and get ready to transform your business.