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Spiral Thinking

Forget brainstorming. This outrageous new thought process is exactly what you need to go beyond the pursuit of happiness. You’ll own it, along with success, contentment and meaning. Add a vision, challenge or problem to solve for the future and power-up. Just start in the middle of the spiral and scroll along the path.

    • dream
    • ideate
    • design
    • implement
    • experience

Use your creativity to discover as many Ideas as possible.


Sort, filter and select the very best Ideas that align with your Platform.


Plan, Design and illustrate your best ideas. Design with your Platform in mind.


Activate your Design plan while always looking back to your Platform.


Live the Dream.


"To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” - Thomas Edison

It's so easy. Here are the four steps to transform your business, life and career.


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Envision, Execute and Experience your way of life.

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