Business Journals: 15 Challenges When Collaborating With Another Organization

Our co-founder Dave Goodman shared his thoughts with Business Journals on what makes collaboration challenging and how to overcome them.

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Hear Dave Goodman On Fractl’s “Cashing in on Content Marketing”

MindShare Network Co-Founder Dave Goodman spoke with Fractl's Amanda Milligan on "Cashing in on Content Marketing." Dave talks about the process of "spiral thinking" and explains how spiraling up…

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Great Innovators Are Multi-Dimensional and Non-Linear

Great innovators are multi-dimensional and non-linear. Let the MindShare Network guide you and your team forward to true innovation.

When you study the great innovators of our time, you find people…

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“Yesterday,” “Today” and “Tomorrow”

What do Lennon and McCartney, The New Christy Minstrels and the Broadway Musical “Annie” have in common?

Our fascination with time has been the subject of songs, books, movies, science fiction, and…

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The Rules Have Changed

In case you are wondering why everything seems so chaotic, it’s because the rules have changed. Entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, business leaders, (dare I say politicians), are all changing the…

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Disrupt the World, Not Me!

There is a fine line between disruption and harmony. There are moments in our lives where a little disruption would seem perfectly fine. A pleasant surprise here and there can be quite enjoyable.…

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Ah, Disruption!

It’s absolutely everywhere.

Taxi, Lyft, Uber, driverless cars, flying cars, reality, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 24-hour news, breaking news, real news, fake news,…

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Saluting Extraordinary Happiness

Several years ago, I was invited to attend a special event at the United Nations by a close friend of mine. It would be my first visit to the U.N. and I was honored to say the least.

I assumed…

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International “Contented” Day

International Happiness Contented Day

The word happy seems to be getting a bum rap these days. More impressive words like contentment, fulfillment, mindfulness, intention and meaning have replaced…

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Happiness! … the new American Dream

After decades of defining and re-defining life and liberty, Americans are still seeking the pursuit of happiness. Maybe it’s because our Founding Fathers knew that happiness, in and of itself, is a…

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