6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Work Day

1. Stand Up and Stretch

No need to pull out the yoga mat. Just stand up, stretch your arms above your head, raise and lower your shoulders or point and flex your feet. Small stretches will help your circulation and could ease tight muscles that come with stress.


2. Clean Your Desk

Clutter can hurt your productivity and make you lose focus. Organize the stray papers on your desks, throw away your lunch trash and take a minute to wash your dirty coffee mugs. Decluttering will make you feel more organized and ready to tackle the next task.


3. Sit Up Straight

Good posture is frequently overlooked, but is important. Research has found that sitting up straight will help you breathe better, make you feel more alert, improve your mood and even build a stronger core. Six pack, here we come!


4. Take a Deep Breath

Whether you want to call it meditating or just focusing on your breathing, taking a deep breath will help calm you and manage stress. It’s easy. Get in a comfortable position at your desk, get rid of any thoughts about the email you shouldn’t have sent out or the snide remark your boss just made, then breathe in for six seconds and breathe out for six seconds. Repeat a few times.


5. Smile

You may be stressed and overwhelmed, but even forcing a smile will make you feel happier, lower your heart rate and alleviate stress.


6. Use Spiral Thinking to Solve Your Problems

Forget brainstorming. Spiral Thinking helps sort, define and implement the very best ideas and concepts for overcoming obstacles. Further, it creates a plan of action for executing our dreams.


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