Happiness! … the new American Dream

After decades of defining and re-defining life and liberty, Americans are still seeking the pursuit of happiness. Maybe it’s because our Founding Fathers knew that happiness, in and of itself, is a pursuit, something we have to strive for constantly. Maybe it’s because we have such diverse perspectives on what makes us happy in the 21st century.

There was a time when the stereotypical American Dream was fairly easy to define. It included a job, a house, a car, a marriage, two kids and a church service every Sunday. Loyalty to your company was expected and people worked to live rather than lived to work.

For millions of Americans today, the dream is different, unique and personalized.

Employees want a career not just a job. They want to work for a company where their skills and input are valued, with fair and equal pay and benefits that are relevant to their lifestyle. They want to believe in the character, behavior and values of the company and its leadership.

They want to live in a safe place with whomever they love. They want to grow personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Each person has a perspective about what really matters in their life. The new American Dream is not the stereotype from the mid-20th century.

Whether you use the word happiness or prefer a more enlightened term, (such as contentment, fulfillment, meaning, bliss, joy or purpose), most people today have an idea of what makes them happy. Unfortunately, they just don’t know how to get there.

We do and it makes us happy to share our transformative happiness model to you for free. We have digital Toolkits to walk you through a process of discovery, design and execution. We know that you have the answers. We just help you reach the destination.

On  International Happiness Day, do something about your version of happiness. In doing so, you’ll make us happier too!

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