The One Question Every Business Should Ask Themselves…

Who Really Are We?

This is really the fundamental question every business should ask itself. It is very easy to get caught up in the daily, weekly, even yearly activities of business and lose sight of our most important objectives. Do we know who we really are and are we focused on making our businesses flourish? Or, are we often fighting the rest of the day and not dedicating the time and attention to our true goals.

Is Starbucks in the coffee business, or do they provide the 3rd space? Is Harley Davidson a motorcycle company, or a lifestyle in itself? Is Disneyland a theme park, or truly the “happiest place on earth?”

What is the ethos of your organization?

What are your core foundational pillars (guiding principles, relationships, cultural environment, etc.) and how do they translate and connect to your coworkers, clients, customers and stakeholders?

Is everyone aligned to a common vision and dream and is this obvious to all you engage with as an organization?

Do you have a quest or greater cause that drives you to be your best as a business, organization or employee?

Who really are we?