Disrupt the World, Not Me!

There is a fine line between disruption and harmony. There are moments in our lives where a little disruption would seem perfectly fine. A pleasant surprise here and there can be quite enjoyable. Most people love the dopamine bursts that come from receiving a bit of good news.

For example, we all know the feeling of giving an employee a great performance review. Conversely, it’s not quite as easy to give or receive critical feedback. It can feel like disruption forcing us to change and make adjustments.

I certainly don’t want any disruption at the dentist’s office or from the technicians at my car repair shop. However, I’ll take the disruption if they find a way to give me maintenance-free teeth or virtual tune-ups.

And I don’t really like disruption when I’m sleeping or driving. Keyword there is "or" for all of my fellow commuters.

The key to disruption is creating the opportunity for harmony. Make it easy or make it less expensive. Save me some time or give me a choice. I’m not really interested in disruption as a means to an end. I am interested in disruption as a means to a beginning.

Find your own way to live your life in harmony.

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