The Rules Have Changed

In case you are wondering why everything seems so chaotic, it’s because the rules have changed. Entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, business leaders, (dare I say politicians), are all changing the rules of the game, maybe even the game itself. From the time your home network wakes you up in the morning, until your circadian rhythm-based lighting dims at night, nearly every assumption, product or service is being challenged. Disruption is at the heart of invention today and change is taking place faster than ever before.

Lesson # 1- Every one of us should have several transferable skills ready to go when our jobs are eliminated. You know who you are already. We can’t expect the government to legislate employment in industries that died years ago.  

Lesson # 2 - Be curious enough today to find new passions and hone new skills. Spend some time focusing on the types of work that you enjoy, where your abilities are strong or unique.

Lesson #3 – Change your approach to the game. Finding your purpose and living a life well lived is about much more than just your job. Discover what makes you happy and go get it.

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Adjust to change by transforming life your way.