Future Time Orientation

The demands of today’s complex life, whether real or self-imposed, may be taking a toll our future. We are faced with too much information to take in, too many tasks to complete, too many options for each moment, too many complications in our lives.

The tyranny of the present is overwhelming our capacity to create the happiest, healthiest most engaging and meaningful lives. It is often easier to just give in to the demands of the day and our ever-lengthening “to do lists”. There is some sense of accomplishment, after all, in checking off some or many of the tasks of the day.

But what are we missing by this relentless focus? We all understand our history that got us to this moment, and we all know we have much to do right now.

Could this be the reason so many people and companies are stuck in their current circumstances?

We need to awaken our imagination and our ability to dream. We should make time to see a brighter future ahead. We must experience this future in our minds and recapture our best visions for our lives, work, relationships, health and our organizations and communities.

Create and employ a Future Time Orientation that provides meaning, belief, inspiration, motivation and creates a pathway for life activation. Invest time in envisioning an Ideal Future... orient yourself or your organization to a new time zone and then you can pull the present to the desired future. A Future Time Orientation can be the antidote to our present paralysis.