To Dream Is To Be Human

Everyone has a dream. When we were kids, dreaming was second nature. We believed we could be anything, go anywhere, do anything. We believed we could possess super powers such as the ability to fly or become invisible. Somewhere along the path of everyday life, we began to lose the magic of dreaming.

Maybe the tasks of the day took over the former moments spent day- dreaming, or perhaps we just stopped investing time to dream.... about our life, career, aspirations, hobbies, relationships, businesses and more.

Maybe someone told us to get our heads out of the clouds and get back to reality.

Dreaming is one of the ways that humans have thrived on this earth. Dreaming sets people apart from animals and machines. Dreaming is one of the great joys in life. Maybe we were born to dream, but just maybe we have forgotten how to dream.

Dedicate an hour or two to Dreaming or Spiraling each week. Ideate and envision your Ideal Future with audacious authenticity, and abundant imagination.Take some Spiraling time to design your dreams with your best self in mind. And then, take action and implement your design.

The Dream just might become a reality!