Transformation versus Change

We have all faced the demon called change. Sometimes we have been asked to change, sometimes our organizations feel everyone needs to change, sometimes we make a conscious decision that we want to change something about ourselves. This seems well meaning and we often know that change is needed, and yet, so often, enabling real change is very difficult.

In fact, change may be one of the hardest things we can pursue... to change simply because we are asked, told or consorted is very challenging at best.

Why is it so hard to Change?

Maybe it is because we have doubts, fears about the unknown, or see barriers and obstacles in our path. Maybe it’s because we lack belief and a clear vision of the Preferred or Ideal New Future.

If we can see the Ideal Future vividly and imagine it in our minds as if it is already here, then we can create hope and belief that it is not only possible but that it can become Transformational.

Transformation has to do with adapting and evolving into a new way of being. It is based on a clear vision or dream that has been experienced in our minds in a manner that instills belief. Transformation includes the Why of the Ideal Future and not just the What of Change.

Transformation Is Possible.... Change?