15 Inspirational Quotes to Reignite Your Soul

Sometimes we just need a little push to get us through a tough day, week or month. Whether you’re having a rough time in your personal life, under a lot of pressure at work or just need a little…

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6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Work Day

1. Stand Up and Stretch

No need to pull out the yoga mat. Just stand up, stretch your arms above your head, raise and lower your shoulders or point and flex your feet. Small stretches will help…

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Management In Healthcare, “Spiral thinking: A catalyst for innovative customer experiences”

The London-based, peer-reviewed journal, Management in Healthcare, featured an article in the summer of 2016 entitled, "Spiral Thinking: A Catalyst for Innovative Customer Experiences." The article…

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America – Heal Thyself:  Thoughts on Improving our National Health

By: Rick Rawson, HC2 Strategies and Partners for Better Health

The polarization and divisions within our country that have been exposed by the current election cycle are manifestations of the…

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Even Watson Can’t Do This…Yet!

If you were ever wondering about the speed of change taking place in technology today, spend a little time learning about three technological marvels disrupting business, entertainment and recreation…

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Women Imagine a “Life Well Lived”

I recently attended a webinar led by Jane Miller, COO of Gallup, and Kristen Lipton, Director of Business Development. Jane and Kristen did a fantastic job describing many of the benefits and issues…

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Positive Psychology: The science of human flourishing

By Mary Zenzen, Better World Organizations

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a new branch of psychology. It focuses on what is right with people. Researchers study the difference between…

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Changing The Way We Think

How much time do we spend genuinely thinking compared to doing? The pace of 21st century life can put an assumed priority on doing. Are we scrambling from here to there, task to task, job to school…

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Future Time Orientation

The demands of today’s complex life, whether real or self-imposed, may be taking a toll our future. We are faced with too much information to take in, too many tasks to complete, too many options for…

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To Dream Is To Be Human

Everyone has a dream. When we were kids, dreaming was second nature. We believed we could be anything, go anywhere, do anything. We believed we could possess super powers such as the ability to fly…

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